Alcohol-Containing Mouthwash

Alcohol-Containing Mouthwash and Oral Cancer

Worldwide, oral cancer represents approximately 5% of all malignant lesions. Despite recent advances in therapy, the five-year survival rate remains around 50%.

It has long been established that smoking and alcohol consumption are risk factors linked to the development of oral cancer.

The alcohol content of some commercially available mouthwashes can be as high as 26%.

Studies have shown that high concentrations of alcohol in mouthwashes may have detrimental oral effects, including keratosis, gingival ulceration, and oral pain. A recent and extensive study has shown a significatn link between the daily use of an alcohol-containing mouthrinse and the development of oral cancer.

At Unique Smiles Dental Care, we recommend alcohol-free mouthwashes and strongly recommend having an annual oral cancer examination. Call (586)-573-4042 today for your oral cancer examination.


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